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Ankara Unisex Lounge chill shorts

We love to wear unique things, clothes that will make people look at you at an event. So we had to start designing them.


OUR PROCESS- I hit up my friend in Nigeria, Bur Artlectic- also a sports brand. She draws up what I say, she makes the clothes. Sends them over and then we begin to get a taste of what clients want. I give her feedback, she improves and sends back, and so we go having fun, creating stuff.

We also collaborate with designers in the USA to create some of our collections, after the fabric arrives from Lagos Nigeria.

Most of our designs are custom made. A client picks up what he/she wants from the website, sends us a mail and we get in touch with them to make exactly what they want

Some are available right away if they are your  size.

Overall, be sure to never see anyone on the street wearing what you have when you shop from us!

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